Ultimate Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

Robust Bluetooth Connections and Audio Engineering by Acoustic Veteran from MIT. Free Shipping.

ERL wireless audio

Crisp, Dynamic Sound

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Unbreakable Bluetooth Connection

Unbreakable Bluetooth connection presented by Electronics Research Lab, with collaboration with top hardware and antenna engineers from MIT.  Fully optimized antenna design with patented technology from MIT to maximize Bluetooth signal strength.

Light and sleek. Sublime comfort and fit.

ERL earbuds are engineered to stay comfortably in your ears during your workout. The eartips are designed to spread the contact evenly around the insides of your ear, offering an unmatched combination of comfort and stability.

Sweat and Splash Proof

We used hydrophobic nanocoating to give ERL earbuds a boost to propel water. Now you can focus on reaching your new heights during your workouts.